The Industrial Technology Division is comprised of Manufacturing Education programs and Industrial Service(s) programs. In the area of Manufacturing Education are: Machine Tool Technology/CNC, Electrical Technology, Process Technology, Industrial Drafting/CAD, and Trade and Apprentice Education.In the area of Industrial Service education are: Architectural Construction, HVAC-R, Renewable Energy, Power Engineering, Automotive Technology and the Ford Auto Dealership sponsored Ford ASSET program.

State of the Art

HFC partners with the Multi-State Advanced Manufacturing Consortium (M-SAMC) to prepare workers for the manufacturing jobs of today and tomorrow.

Earn While You Learn

The Ford Automotive Student Service Educational Training (ASSET) program allows on-the-job training while earning an associate degree in automotive technology.

Value-Added Education

HFC is a cost efficient way to earn the academic credentials you need. Begin your professional career quickly. Save money to apply toward an undergraduate degree or graduate school.

Center for Innovative Manufacturing Education (CIMed)

Our mission is to change manufacturing education and this includes developing courses with Performance Based Objectives in mind, meaning industry informs education. These programs consist of 1 credit modules, which allow students more flexibility and options. The goal for the CIMed is to create a fully flexible competency-based education experience for all students. Flexible delivery means students can take the class when it’s convenient for them. Competency-based means that it is project-based and certification-based. The certifications are internal and external.