Chad Richert, B.ENVD
David Tillman, M.A.
Kristopher Young, B.S.
Gregory Laskowsky, M.A.
Roger Weekes, M.S.
Mark Siedlik, M.A.
Guy Pizzino, M.A.
Joseph Skupin, M.S.
Kevin Ridge, A.S.
Automotive Technology
Automotive Student Service Educational Training (ASSET)
Energy Technology
Electrical Technology
Machine Tool Technology/ CNC
Trade and Apprentice
Welding Technology
Gary Saganski, M.P.A.
Corporate Training
Sponsored Student FAQ
Company Sponsored For-Credit Programs
Bridge to Advanced Manufacturing Careers And Education
Technology Building Nighttime
Sensor Technology
Computer Aided Drafting II
Computer Aided Drafting I
Email and Software Code
The Internet
Databases and Spreadsheets
Peripheral Devices and Operating Systems
Hardware and Basic Functionality
Industrial Computers I
Resume and Personal Development Plan
Resume and Personal Development Plan II
Personal Development Critique
Personal Development Plan Version 1
Entepeneurism - Identifying Opportunities
Electrical Code & Safety
Multimeter Construction
Techniques of Soldering
Electricity Applied
Quality Summary Session
On-Site System Evaluation (Audit)
Planning and Control through SPC Part II
Planning and Control through SPC Part I
Quality Development and Planning
General Quality Concepts and Terms
The Finishing Process
The Assembling Process
The Conditioning Process
The Separating Process
The Forming Process
Casting and Molding
Industrial Materials
The Nature of Manufacturing
Gas Metal Arc Welding (aka MIG Welding)
Shielded Metal Arc Welding II
Shielded Metal Arc Welding I
Oyxfule Cutting
Spatial Visualization
Measuring Circumference (The Pizza Problem)
Measurements and Spreadsheets: Estimating Pi
Measuring Devices
Unit Conversion
Converting Shop Fractions to Decimals
Measurement, Decimals, Area
Multiplying Fractions
Fractions and Computers
Tools to Calculate Fractions
Applying What You've Learned
The Title Block, List of Materials, Notes & Changes
Pictoral Sketching
Sketching and Clay Modeling II
Sketching and Clay Modeling
Orthographic Projection Drawings
The Alphabet of Lines
Blue Prints: How Industry Communicates
Diego Rivera Court - Manufacturing Processes Identification
Writing a Technical Memorandum
Spreadsheet Time Clock
Vocabulary Database
Safety Memorandum
Job Skills Analysis- The Use of Oral Histories
Employment Related Database Follow-Up
Employment Follow-Up Letter
Employment Interview
Employment Cover Letter
Weekly Oral Communications
Reader on Work
Journal Writing 2
Journal Writing 1
Introduction to Mathematics
Assessing Your Work Skills, Views, and Styles
Assessing Your Writing Ability
Assessing Your Reading Ability
Assessing Your Learning Style
Bridge Orientation
The Bridge to Careers in Advanced Manufacturing Program Reader on Work
The Developmental Education Dimension
The Humanities Dimension
The Math Dimension
The Communications Dimension
The Technological Skills Dimension
The Bridge Training the Trainer Workshop
Content Flow in the Bridge System
Bridge Competencies, Skills, and Standards
Integration of the Bridge model at HFC
Detroit Manufacturing Bridge - Rationale
The Detroit Manufacturing Bridge: Curriculum
The Detroit Manufacturing Bridge: Bridge Components
The Detroit Manufacturing Bridge: Bridge Instructional Tools
The Detroit Manufacturing Bridge: Prologue
The Detroit Manufacturing Bridge